I'm Jenessa MacKenzie

I'm a spiritual guide & mentor, Life Coach, NLP practitioner, & Master Mindset Coach

My approach to life is not what most would call normal (Thank God, because being weird and unapologetic about it is my jam!)

And after 20+ years in the corporate world, 5 years as an online entrepreneur, and 3 years diving deep into my own spiritual and self development journey I have the unique gift of being able to mix the woo with the do using both the tangible, aligned action, results driven, leadership, divine masculine, creating-powerful-strategies-that-work, logical side and the not so tangible energetic flow, intuitive, mystical, divine feminine, spiritual side, that allows you to do less and be more.

Life Is Messy

Trust me, I get it! I was working a full time job, taking care of a home, running my kids all over the place for practices, school and jobs and sliding in building a sustainable business every chance I got. 

I had no idea who I was anymore, nor did I really think about it because, well, this is what I was "supposed" to be doing. But man, my identity was lost, I was lost. Then, my (then) husband said he didn't want to be married any more. Oh...ok then. 

Looking back on all that now it really was the best thing that could have EVER happened!

  1. I have an unbelievable fiancée
  2. A business where I get to help womxn like you find true joy in life
  3. And I learned that I don't NEED any of that to be happy. I WANT to do the things I am doing and live the life I am living and designing.

And I am doing it how I WANT TO, not caring what other people think about my decisions.

I won't even joke, this wasn't easy. I spent YEARS giving my power away to relationships, situations, and circumstances and worrying what everyone else would think or say about my choices. So healing those limiting beliefs and creating new ones that would evolve me into the person you see today was messy and uncomfortable AF, and will be an ongoing process as long as I am on this earth.

Just giving myself permission to want more out of life was the easy part girlfriend! 

Except I didn't know that then, and I didn't have anyone to help me figure myself out, ask the right questions, help me heal my trauma, dig into my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or to build the business of my dreams, but piecing it together with no plan at all, obviously wasn't working.

When I hired my first coach my hands were shaking as I put those credit card numbers in. 

"Is this going to work?"

"Am I weak because I need help?"

"What if I'm just throwing my money away?"

"Am I ever going to really have what I want?"

But I took the leap, I got honest with myself, and chose to take the actions that would lead me to the life and business I wanted.

And I learned, when you go after your dreams, you create the space for others to do the same, you become the portal of possibility, you become LIMITLESS.

And THAT is why I do what I do, to show you that you CAN be, do, have whatever you want and to help you get there. 

My purpose in this lifetime is to help you mix the woo with the do to help you create the space, energy, and alignment you need so you can unapologetically show up in your life, be who you were created to be, and create the reality you desire from the inside out so you can have the abundance, freedom, and impact you really want.

Some Fun Facts About Me

  1. My first business was photography which was a gateway to coaching (I still photograph amazing entrepreneurs!)
  2. I have 2 grandkids 8 & 4 (they are the bomb!)
  3. My Human Design type is a Reflector with Lunar Cycle Authority (hence my obsession to share how to use the moon's energy to build your business!)
  4. I am an Enneagram 8 with 7, 5, and 2 all in second place (A Maverick - non conformist..hmm who knew!)
  5. I am an Aries cusp to Pisces. The sun was at 0 into Aries when I was born (so I strongly relate to both and yes, the struggle is real!)
  6. I am eclectically spiritual and practice what makes me feel good and aligns my energy and vibrations to what I will create. (and am passionate about breaking the mold that you can only choose one thing!)
  7. Anywhere with water is my happy place (totally my flowing Pisces side!) and coffee is my fuel (the driven leadership Aries side)!
  8. <---My pendulum game is strong, I've got the power!

My unique abilities (aka my superpowers) are

  1. To see the big picture and easily break it down into simple actions so you can reach your goals and manifest your intentions quickly
  2. To intuitively know what and where you may hit a roadblock or inadvertently self sabotage so you can be proactive instead of reactive 
  3. To see different perspectives simultaneously and show you all the possibilities so you can choose what is most aligned for you
  4. The ability to read between the lines of what you're telling yourself and what's actually true so you can identify old subconscious programming fast to shift at the root and heal what's really blocking you.
  5. My left and right brains (the woo side and the do side) work extremely well together allowing me to totally understand your woo/creative/fantastical dreams, goals and desires while keeping you on track to achieve them.

My vision is a world...

Where it’s natural for the next generation, my kids, to know they can create a life of joy, abundance, and impact by wielding their inner magic, because they simply choose to and that knowledge is passed down to every generation as a way of life.

Where everyone leans in to and trusts their natural intuition and doesn't feel weird about it 

Where every human has the unwavering belief that we are all connected and how we treat one human has a ripple effect on the entire collective, ultimately deconstructing racism, oppression, and marginalization

Where people lead with their heart, soul, and purpose in service to the collective and money is the byproduct, not a measure of success, power, or self worth.

Where blazing your own path is encouraged and celebrated and we don't feel trapped by today’s societal views of what the path to success is supposed to look like.

My Mission...

Is to make a bigger impact by helping people unlearn the mainstream expectations and stories we've been taught, shift the perspective of themselves from the inside out, and create their own empowering stories and truths so they can step into their own true power by giving them the transformational tools, practices, and techniques so that they can live their truth and manifest magic while living an authentic life full of passion, joy and purpose.

Because YOU & YOUR DREAMS & DESIRES  are important

Working with me is a "whole-istic" journey.

We can create strategies for days, but that is only part of making shit work for you. We focus on you as a human, your life, responsibilities, dreams, desires, who you are at your core and what you really want out of the experiences you're ready to create. 

Creating your own soul led life where you get to be, do, have whatever you want without worrying about others expectations, forgetting about yourself, and burning out 

Leveling up, no matter what area it's in, can be messy and having a coach that knows that and can see where you are ready to fly, what may get in your way, and how to navigate the shifts you're making so the mind drama and limiting beliefs don't trip you up or hold you back (and can help you shift through them quickly) is critical to getting where you want to go faster. 

I’m a total empath (and I too have made all the mistakes in the book),  which means I will be genuine, kind and honest about ANYTHING I see that stands between you and your success so that you can change it FAST.

You will be left with tools and strategies to get through the most difficult situations, access to your own innate magic you can tap into at any time and a deep sense of certainty, confidence, and connection that flows through you in every single moment.  I will be there for support, accountability, and you get to ask me anything you need so we can get you to your success.

Some of the ways I help my clients, on top of bomb spiritual and life skills that change their lives are:

  • EFT  - Emotional Freedom Technique to tap out the bullshit
  • Breathwork
  • Spirituality practices - mixing the woo with the do
  • Self care practices because you can't impact the world with an empty cup
  • NLP - Neuro linguistic programming to help bust through limiting beliefs
  • Shadow work to heal old wounds
  • And ninja mindset tools so your new empowering stories and beliefs stick

Some of my clients love ALL of these, some like a few, but they all love that they are super supported no matter what, who, or where they are and that they can take what they need and leave what they don't.

I am also currently working towards certification in hypnosis/hypnotherapy 

And I can't wait to help you feel freaking unstoppable and LIMITLESS in your life.

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